Graphic Designer and illustrator

Hi 👋🏼, I am Juan, from all social media apps, Twitter is my favorite,  as a GD I consider myself driven by creativity, but don't get me wrong I am very good overall with lots of experience. New ideas and projects excite me, I am here looking to create work, messages and communication pieces that adapt among media platforms. Until last year I was teaching Graphic Design basics techniques and beginners knowledge in apps to create communications for bachelor students in Communication School at USMA university in Ciudad de Panamá.


 I have an interest in changing inequities and showing there are products of obsolete social models, I want (like any millennial) to change the world. As an graphic artist I explore the design from an artistic pov, among techniques I mostly slide between pencil, drawing, paint and use gadgets to generate graphic work.


If you wanna know more about me and how to work together, get in contact. 👉🏻

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